Kraków the capital of Malopolskie Region

Małopolska is situated in the central-southern part of the country. In terms of the level of economic development, the Region is one of the most diversified in Poland. Strongly developed here are the following sectors: electromechanical, chemical, biotechnological, high-tech, automotive, IT services and BPO / SSC / IT and ICT.

Krakow is called the “Second Rome” – due to the large number of churches, sanctuaries and tombs of saints and blessed. It is a significant center of religious tourism, both nationally and internationally. The Wawel Royal Castle with the Wawel Hill is one of the places of greatest historical and cultural importance in Poland. A centuries-old seat of kings and a symbol of Polish statehood.

Krakow is a place where about 100 festivals and other international events take place every year. The city is one of the most academic cities in Poland, led by the Jagiellonian University. It is a Polish public university, one of the oldest universities in the world – founded in 1364. The Jagiellonian University is the second oldest university in Central Europe and occupies an important place on the academic map of the world. One of the most popular symbols of Krakow is obwarzanek which  is a kind of Polish bagel.

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