Gabriel, company: ProAktyw

My Erasmus experience was absolutely amazing! 

During my last year of high school in 2021, I decided to prove to myself that I was old enough to live alone in a foreign country, so I decided to apply for the Erasmus project which gave me the opportunity to spend a whole month in Poland. I really enjoyed my time in Poland; my week consisted of 5 days of “work” and two days off, during which I had the opportunity to visit the country. My job was to work in a very interesting agency, the aim of which is to organize all kinds of events, from local, through much larger ones, to much smaller ones that focus on building integration experiences for employees. The experience I gained from the time spent in the agency was very large: I learned how to search for specific information on the Internet, how to present a vacation offer or an event proposal, how to establish contacts with companies and cooperate in creating something consistent and suggestive. 

Overall, I learned a lot from my experience and so much more, I had the opportunity to improve my English and learn a little more about other languages; The intercultural environment that I found during my stay in Poland also helped me to improve my relationships with other people and better understand someone else’s culture. 

I really enjoyed all my experience, from the organization to the activities I was able to do in a country I have never experienced before! 

Argi, company: University of Rzeszów

My Erasmus experience has gone better than I expected. At first I was a bit scared to go so far, as my Erasmus destination was Rzeszow and I had never heard of this city or knew anyone who had been there. Even so, I am grateful that this city has touched me because it has been a unique and unforgettable experience, and I know that if I had gone to another city, I could not have done everything that I have done in Rzeszow, traveling to other cities with very cheap flights, get to know typical Polish food, etc. In addition to that, I have met very good people with whom I have spent the 3 months that I have been away and they have been an unconditional support so that this adventure was incredible. Since I came home I recommend everyone to go on Erasmus, since it is an incredible experience and you meet a lot of people that are worth it and you travel to places that you would never have imagined going. 

Peru, company:  Milwes  

The experience has been nice, I have met a totally different culture and other types of people in the city of Rzeszow. 

I have had internships at the milwes Automatyka Prezemyslowa company. People there have been very kind and have helped me with everything I needed. I have seen how they work in a company in this sector and I have to say that the atmosphere is very good and that the work they do is excellent. 

What I have learned in the Erasmus internships is to look for my life. If I have problems ask and not be afraid of anything. And of course to know another culture totally different from mine. 

Uxue, company: University of Rzeszów 

My Erasmus experience has been incredible, one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I was clear that I wanted to live this experience and although Poland was not among my preferred countries, I do not regret having gone. 

I am grateful that Rzeszow has been awarded to me as an Erasmus city because it has been a unique and unforgettable experience. The best thing about an Erasmus is the friendships, plans and trips that are made there and I know that if I had gone to another city, I could not have done everything I have done in Rzeszow. These people that I have met during my Erasmus have become my little family, and they have been an unconditional support during these months. 

As for the internships, in my case I did them at the University of Rzeszów, in the laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine. I learned a lot there and people were very nice and understanding to me.  

Without a doubt, I would recommend to others to go on Erasmus, you get to know new cultures, traditions and typical foods of that country, you travel a lot, to places you would never have imagined going and above all you meet wonderful people. As for the language, Polish is very difficult to learn. 

Andrea, company: Cyfrowa Foto

My name is Andrea Jorge and I did my Erasmus for three months, in a small city in Poland (Rzeszow) after finishing my higher degree studies in Management Assistance. 

I was awarded an internship at a growing company dealing in printing. There, I began a study on the photography market in Spain. I also made presentations about my search, which greatly improved my English. 

They welcomed me very well from the first moment! We also take the opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world. It is an experience that I recommend 100% since I was able to grow both professionally and personally. 

Alberto, company: Zelkon

To begin with, simply an experience that had to be encouraged, everyone who can, to live it. For me, something that I will not forget in life, from living with my Spanish colleagues, to living with my co-workers from Poland. I am not going to deceive you, some of you may be afraid to leave your comfort zone, but if you dare, you will realize how beautiful it is to meet new cultures, languages, people so different and at the same time you will be surprised by the great friendships that you will make. have with people who live 3000km away from your house. From my experience I can only get good things even from some of the most difficult moments that I have had, I have gotten very positive things.