For teachers

The consortium organizes various work trainings and job shadowing trainings.

Work training courses take place in companies from the Podkarpackie Region from various specializations, e.g. aviation, electronics, mechanics, modern technologies, car mechanic, IT, logistics, cook, babysitter and sitter for the elderly, hairdressing, nail styling.

During the courses, teachers:

  • become familiar with technologies used in enterprises
  • developinterpersonalskills
  • acquire new skills related to the profession they teach
  • deepen their professional and specialist knowledge in the field of the taught subject
  • establish professional contacts enabling the development and improvement of cooperation with employers


The consortium is offering an organization of job shadowing training.

Teachers who would like to take part in job shadowing training within the Erasmus + programme, can go to any school abroad and learn about new working methods, find inspiration and develops skills. Job shadowing is about following a more experienced employee and observing his work o get a better understanding of their particular career. The trainee can be involved in various activities, but the trainer is responsible for the proper performance of his duties. Interviews with more experienced employees, independent experience of procedures, observation of the functioning of a given school and its culture from the inside may result in the development of many innovative solutions. Job shadowing can be done as part of a formal program organized by a high school or university, or it can be scheduled informally.